What is a barcamp?

A barcamp – also called an unconference – is a meeting without any previously fixed agenda. This means that all the participants meet in the morning, offer to give a talk, and vote about which talks should be done. You can read more about it at the Unconference Wikipedia page.

What is a developer camp?

Most of the organizers have already participated in other unconferences and barcamps. While there was a neat atmosphere on these events, the amount of technology related talks is usually pretty low and large parts of the audience was not interested in going deeper into technological topics. So why not change this? Basically a developer camp is an unconference, but explicitly about everything related to software development. We encourage talks about topics like new technologies, home automation, awesome hacks, as well as "soft" topics like lean processes, ethics in software development, or health – whatever is important to you and the other participants.

Why does it cost something?

As we do not want the devcamp to be financed by its visitors (because you already bring in the content), this fee should be considered a symbolic one, to make sure that you really show up. The vast majority of the costs is covered by the sponsors.

How can I help as a person?

First and foremost, just attend the barcamp and bring an awesome talk with you! Engage in discussions with others. That's what we care for most. If you want to help us organizing the barcamp, you are more then welcome (drop us a note in the contact form). Before the barcamp happens, you can help us by acquiring sponsors or help with general organization. During the barcamp we will certainly need a couple of helpers to make sure everyone has a smooth experience.

How can I help as a company?

In order to pay for food and beverages we rely on a couple of sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the developer camp Munich, please contact us via our contact form.

Who is behind this?

We are just a couple of tech enthusiasts living in Munich. You will very likely have met any of us already at one of the many tech meetups in and around Munich.

  •  Sergii Khomenko
  •  Jochen Schalanda
  •  Alexander Reelsen

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